Culture of African Waist Beads

Traditionally African,these Wasit Beads are made with authentic beads from Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana and beyond. They are made with intention.

Decorated with a variety of specialty chevron trade beads, clay beads and recycled metals from old pots and spoons.

Waist Beads are traditionally tied in coming of age ceremonies. They symbolize femininity, sensuality and the sanctity of the sacred.

Waist Beads offer excellent feedback about how we interact with ourselves.

Breath work is a main benefit of wearing beads around the waist. They help to remind us to breathe and draws attention to our quality of breath.

Often diet and hormones can also adjust our waist line. Waist Beads help us to make good choices and observe the natural changes that every body experiences.

Excellent with any breath practice, relaxation technique, meditation, prayer and physical practices as well.

The journey of wearing WaistBeads is a daily reminder to love thy self, create sustainable and supportive practices, to honour, to protect and to connect to ourselves on deeper levels.